Dictionary Stories

Very short stories composed entirely of example sentences from the dictionary.

Introducing: Dictionary Stories

Introducing: Dictionary Stories

Say hello to Dictionary Stories: Short Stories and Other Findings, coming April 2018 from Harper Perennial and available to pre-order right this second

Dictionary Stories began back in 2015 as a quick idea for a zine, hastily stapled together on evenings and weekends. Shortly after it became a Tumblr, then a book proposal. Today it's a high resolution jpg of a cover, and on April 10th 2018, it'll be a physical book published by Harper Perennial. A collection of more than 150 stories composed entirely of example sentences from a dozen dictionaries, organized alphabetically by theme and illustrated throughout. 

There's much more to come. Read more about the book and pre-order it here, and sign up to the newsletter to keep abreast of updates on the road to April. 

Underlined words are those responsible for each example sentence.