Dictionary Stories

Very short stories composed entirely of example sentences from the dictionary.

An Extraordinary Woman

He began as a drummer. She studied biology and botany.
He was a man of few words. She was widely read.
He was younger than her. She longed for a little more excitement.
He was warm and tender toward her. She thought he’d mistaken her for someone else.
He walked her home to her door. She matched her steps to his.
He drew a map. She bent her head to study the plans.
He put one hand over her shoulder and one around her waist. She liked the shape of his nose.
They wed a week after meeting.
He worked like a demon. She gave birth to a son.
He was a model husband and father. She strove to be the perfect wife.
He waltzed her around the table. She was forever pushing her hair out of her eyes.
The rest, as they say, is history.
He went out to the store. 
She passed away peacefully in her sleep.
He reached out a hand and touched her forehead.
She was the love of his life.
He went downstairs, holding tight to the banisters.
What an extraordinary woman she was, to be sure.

Underlined words are those responsible for each example sentence.